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The real property portfolio is currently undergoing qualitative changes.  In the last few years, the company considerably extended it with agricultural lands, operating production areas, as well as areas and buildings the original function of which had lost substantiation. In some real properties, United Industries a.s., carries out its own production activities, others are rented to other entities for the purpose of warehousing, logistical and production activities, while some real properties and large-size areas are still waiting for prospective projects. Negotiations with potential investors are currently in progress regarding further options for their use. Hundreds of hectares of land, currently used for agricultural purposes, are also prospects for future construction or for the expansion of suburban areas and new functions for their utilization.

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Trnava - former sugar industry /office spaces/ /brownfield/ /warehouse/  /predaj/
total area: 21 Ha
location: the centre of the city Trnava
original function: sugar production
expiry of the original function: 2004
scope of commercial areas: 150 000 – 200 000 m2
number of dwelling units: 1 500
total floor area : 300 000 – 350 000 m2

RNDr. Boris Cambel